C&G is getting a makeover


Welcome to Courage & Grow, where we specialize in Authentic Digital Marketing & Design.

I’m currently renovating this site from top to bottom, so please pardon the mess and the sparse content.

If you’re looking for help with your Website, Marketing, Copywriting, or Brand, shoot me a note on the Contact page.

If you’d like a free audit of your current WordPress website, apply for a free SiteAudit!

Or, check out the Blog for DIY web & design tips.

-Anthony  //  February 2023

About C&G

While the Site is under construction, here’s a quick snapshot of what Courage & Grow is all about.


Web Design

From teaching you to DIY your own Site, to building it together, we’ll get you online ASAP. 


Copywriting & Copy Editing

We’ll workshop your Copy to be more compelling to your customers and sound more like you.



Let’s work together to build your Brand from the ground up. Everything from Identity, to Copy, to Artwork is included!


Online Advertising

Let’s spread the word about your products and services to the right people, on the right platforms. 


Systems, Systems, Systems

Things are simpler when you work with C&G because I create a system for everything. No guesswork, no wasted time.


Authenticity First

My Authenticity First philosophy means that, in whatever we work on together, your true personality will always be up front and center.

While the C&G Site is being rebuilt, the best way to get more info is to shoot me a note on the Contact page. (That’s where that button goes.)

DIY Web & Design 

If you’re interested in building a Brand or a Website yourself, check out my DIY Web & Design articles.