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Quick summary

  • Free plugins: We’ll cover seven free WordPress eCommerce plugins
  • Paid plugin: We’ll cover one paid WordPress eCommerce plugin

Are the free plugins really free?

  • All of the plugins listed below are free to use, at least for their base functionality
  • If I’ve listed the plugin in the free section, then I have not paid anything for it (i.e., I do not subscribe to the pro version)!

Free WordPress eCommerce plugins I use

1. WooCommerce

  • The core of all of my eCommerce setup is WooCommerce
  • There are alternatives to Woo, but it’s the standard for adding eCommerce to a WordPress site
  • All of the rest of the plugins in this list rely on WooCommerce
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

2. WooCommerce Payments

  • WooCommerce built Payments via a partnership with Stripe
  • So far, it’s the simplest way I’ve found to add a payments mechanism to your WooCommerce
  • Even though you pay standard credit card processing fees to use Payments, that’s the same with any payment processor.
  • The functionality of this plugin is free!
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

3. Preview E-mails for WooCommerce

  • This small plugin allows me to preview emails that WooCommerce sends
  • Everything is housed in a simple dashboard
  • This way, I don’t have to trigger a bunch of sample purchases to review the emails that Woo sends
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

4. Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce

  • Excellent, simple plugin that allows me to redirect users to a Thanks page automatically after they’ve completed a purchase
  • You can specify the URL globally and/or on an individual basis
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

5. URL Coupons for WooCommerce

  • This allows me to create links that automatically apply coupon codes
  • For example, I could create a SUMMER50 coupon, and then share the link
  • This is especially handy when I’m sending out discounts via email. Users only need to click the link to get the discount (instead of having to enter the coupon code manually)
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

6. WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce

  • SiteCare is a composite product. This means that there’s a base product and then add-ons that customers can include or not.
  • This plugin allows me to set WooCommerce up in exactly this way:
screenshot of sitecare composite product — wordpress ecommerce plugins
Screenshot of SiteCare composite product — WordPress eCommerce Plugins
  • As you can see, Snapshot + Restore is the base product. Then, customers can choose which of the rest of the service they want to purchase.
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

7. MailerLite – WooCommerce integration

  • My email marketing tool of choice is MailerLite
  • I have the Woo integration installed to link products to my email
  • This allows me to set up automated emails and track metrics that happen via email
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Paid WordPress eCommerce plugins I use

8. WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions is currently the only paid tool that I use
  • Subscriptions is what I use to charge customers for their SiteCare subscription
  • It allows for automatic renewals and free trials
  • It is rather expensive, though. As of writing, it’s $199 annually.

PREMIUM TOOL // WooCommerce Subscriptions
Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Click here to go to WooCommerce Subscriptions

Free alternative: Subscriptions for WooCommerce

  • I have not yet tried this plugin
  • However! If I were to experiment with a free alternative to WooCommerce Subscriptions, this is where I’d start
— WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Others? Questions?

Any thoughts or questions? Anything with which you disagree? Anything I missed?

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