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Quick summary

  • Phenomenal book: I’ll share a terrific book with you that vastly improved my marketing skills
  • Simple copy framework: Then, I’ll share my modified version of a copywriting framework from that book!
  • Four examples: Finally, I’ll share four examples with you to help you get started

The Explanatory Paragraph from Marketing Made Simple

Using Donald Miller’s book Marketing Made Simple, I’ve adapted a framework that helps me generate the a single block of copy that I can then use to inform the rest of the copy for entire sites.

Image of the book Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller
Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller

In the book, Miller refers to this block as an explanatory paragraph.

I’ll go over my modified version below, and then provide you with four examples of how I used it on actual client sites!

Why I use the Explanatory Paragraph

Miller asserts that this paragraph helps “create a mental map for your customer”. Essentially, it’s a roadmap for the products/services you offer.

After reading it, Miller says that your customer will “suddenly know what’s been troubling them, how to overcome whatever has been troubling them, and what steps they need to take to move forward.”

Also, I find that I can draw about 80-90% of the copy for the rest of the site from this paragraph!

The Explanatory Paragraph framework

This table will help you craft the Paragraph.

Here’s a short description of each of the columns:

  • Text: The boilerplate text that is included by default
  • [Blank]: The blanks where you fill in your specific content
  • Detail: Further explanation of the [blank] you’re filling in
  • Example: An example with both the Text and the [blank]

[table id=1 responsive=scroll /]

Tips for using the Paragraph

  • If you work solo, feel free to update the paragraph to use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’
  • Fill in the blanks first. During that first pass, don’t worry about how it’ll all fit together!
  • Then, once you have all of the pieces, massage the language into a draft that flows naturally.


Christa Graham Weddings & Events

Unique Events for Unconventional Couples | Wedding & Event Planning

At Christa Graham Weddings & Events, our clients are unconventional couples who want a unique wedding that truly represents who they are.

To do that, you need someone who can see your vision and can connect you with the right process and people to make it happen.

The problem is that most wedding professionals offer a traditional, cookie-cutter approach which makes you feel like your event has to be more about their vision than yours.

We believe every couple should have the most important parts of themselves and their relationship infused throughout their wedding.

We work with clients who are non-traditional and a little eccentric. They are Detroit natives, dog lovers, tattoo wearers, gamers, queer folks, tarot card readers, plus-size individuals, or self-proclaimed nerds. Or, all of the above.

We understand how hard it is to find wedding professionals who know how to meet needs of clients like these — clients like you.

This is why we created a process which allows us to get the job done well and highlight the parts of your relationship that mean the most to you.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Visualize: This process is complete with exercises for capturing your vision.

2. Customize: This is where we tailor our process to your vision.

3. Execute: Where our team takes over and attends to all of the details before and during your event.

So, to avoid the traditional, cookie-cutter approach, and instead enjoy planning an event that truly represents who you are as a couple, book a free consultation call today.

And, in the meantime, check out all of the incredible events we’ve worked on in the past.

Design Quintessentials

Elegant Floral & Paper Designs

At Design Quintessentials, we know how important it is for you to be represented in your event.

To do that, you need to identify which elements of your personality and your interests are most important, and then weave them throughout your event.

The challenge is finding a designer who takes the time to truly understand you and what you want. It’s so easy to feel uncertain and overwhelmed.

We believe that finding a designer who gets you shouldn’t be difficult. Also, we understand how frustrating it is to waste precious time searching for that special designer, especially while you have so many other things to attend to.

That’s why we created Elegant Designs, a fresh floral and paper goods design service that showcases you.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Consult: Using our in-depth questionnaire and a free live call, we’ll work with you to create a proposal for fresh floral and paper goods.

2. Customize: We’ll draw inspiration for your designs from a variety of sources, including samples from around the web, photos of past events, and professional color palettes.

Then, to ensure we’ve captured exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll use these materials to create a custom mood board for you to review

3. Create: Then, we’ll get to work by designing and producing your paper goods. And last, we’ll create your elegant floral arrangements, and then deliver and set them up at your venue on the day of your event.

So, to avoid the worry about finding a designer who gets you, and instead spend more time looking forward to your event, book a free consultation today.

And, in the meantime, take a look at our Portfolio to see hundreds of examples of our past work.

Courage & Grow

Affordable WordPress Design and Maintenance services

At Courage & Grow we know that you want to grow a successful business. To do that, you need a WordPress website that actually makes money.

The problem is that working with WordPress can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to figure it out on your own. It can feel totally overwhelming.

We believe that creating a beautiful, profitable WordPress website should be simple, affordable, and stress-free.

We understand how frustrating it is to feel like a website you love is out of your grasp. That’s why we’ve created affordable Web and Marketing services to help you build and maintain a stress-free WordPress website that actually grows your business.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Discover: Our framework will guide you through collecting all of the copy and assets we need to create a beautiful WordPress site that’s authentic and on-brand.

2. Build: Once we have everything we need, we’ll build your brand new WordPress site for you!

3. Care: Once your site is live, SiteCare kicks in, and backups, updates, security, speed are all managed for you. Plus, with access to ProSupport, you’ll be able to tweak and improve your site on a regular basis!

So, book a free Discovery Call today!

And, in the meantime, sign up for WordPress Wednesdays: Free, short, weekly emails with WordPress tips for Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses!

With Courage & Grow, you’ll spend less time worrying about your website and more time growing your business.

SiteCare by Courage & Grow

Back Up Your Business Website

At SiteCare, we know that you want to build a successful, profitable business.

To do that, you need a website you can rely on.

The problem is that WordPress websites come with all sorts of pitfalls, from annoying problems that happen at the worst times, to questions that seem impossible to answer.

It can feel like your site is managing you, instead of the other way around.

We believe that every Entrepreneur should have a business site that works, and have support for when it doesn’t.

We understand that managing a WordPress site is daunting, and that real support seems totally out of reach.

That’s why we created SiteCare, a service that offers reliable tools that back up, secure, and optimize your site. Plus, get support from real humans who can help when you have problems or questions.

And, we’ve priced it so any Entrepreneur can afford it.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Subscribe: Complete the quick registration. Then, submit your site details to us in just two simple steps.

2. Setup: We’ll configure your site, run initial scans and backups, and email over your first report.

3. Support: From here, all of your SiteCare services will be up and running, from site speed and security, to backups and updates, to support from real humans! And, you’ll be able to see an overview of everything in your custom Hub.

So, sign up for SiteCare today, and start spending less time worrying about your website and more time growing your business.

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