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  • Want to improve your headline writing in just two minutes?
  • I’ve condensed the best headline resources from around the web into a single, short post!
  • You’ll find two infographics and a phenomenal free tool that I use every time I write a headline

My favorite headline types

Anatomy of a fantastic headline

Write multiple headlines

  • Headline writing is a skill that takes time to develop
  • Most sources recommend that you write at least 25 variations of a single headline! (Nope, that’s not an exaggeration.)
  • Want a simple tool to help you with this? You should…

…Use the CoSchedule Headline Studio

Screenshot of the CoSchedule Headline Studio
Screenshot of the CoSchedule Headline Studio
  • Every single time I write a headline, I work on it using Headline Studio from CoSchedule
  • You enter a headline into the tool, and it spits back a score and recommendations for improving
  • There is a paid version. However, I still use the free version!

FREE TOOL // Headline Studio by CoSchedule
Write better headlines that drive maximum traffic in Headline Studio. Start for free and access tons of headline recommendations and resources in one tool.

Click here to go to Headline Studio

Grab CoSchedule’s Blog Title Infographic

  • This is a great visual that includes 500 attention-grabbing words, 100 headline templates, and more, so you can boost your traffic by 438%.
  • Download it by clicking here

Others? Questions?

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