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  • One tool: Using this tool, you can search for Domain Names and Social Media Usernames at once

How to check Domains and Social Usernames at one time

Head over to Namech_k and drop your Domain idea into the search box (just the Domain Name; no www. or extensions).

First, confirm that the .com extension is available:

Entering a Domain into Namechk
Entering a Domain into Namechk

If the Domain is available, it’ll show Buy in the results.

If it’s unavailable, it’ll show Registered instead:

Registered Domain on Namechk
Registered Domain on Namechk

Next, click Check usernames in the Usernames section

Clicking Check Usernames in Namechk
Clicking Check Usernames in Namechk

Finally, confirm that the Social usernames you want (ideally Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) are available:

Reviewing available usernames in Namechk
Reviewing available usernames in Namechk

In this case, you can see that Facebook (and likely Instagram) and YouTube are available, but Twitter isn’t.

In this example, Twitter is likely unavailable because courageandgrowtest is too long

If the Domain you checked doesn’t have the availability you need, keep running through ideas until you find one that does.

Pro Tip
It took me dozens of tries before I settled on courageandgrow. This is normal!

If you’ve found a Domain that has the availability you need, now’s the time to buy!

You might be tempted to click that green Buy button, but don’t!

Where to go to buy your Domain Name

That shiny Buy button might be enticing, but avoid clicking it.

Instead, head over to my post, The 4 essential elements you need to create a business website, and review my recommendation for which services to use to set up your site (including where to purchase your Domain Name).

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